Welcome to Beauty By Caley Cline. We are a Bridal and Special Event makeup and hair artistry, based out of Dallas Ga. Our team travels, on-sight ready to make all of your makeup dreams come to life on the most special day of your entire life. If you're interested in booking or want to know if your date is available please fill out the inquiry form and we will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours. If you still have any questions please be sure to include all concerns and questions in your inquiry. Do yourself a favor, plan to sit back, relax and let the pros do all of the work for you. 

Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes. My travel fee is ¢.75 a mile round trip. Your travel fee will be shown on your quote, created by BBCC, and included in your overall total. 

Minimum $30 travel fee to travel onsite for weddings 

Do you have a minimum in order to travel?

Yes. My minimum in order for me to travel is 5 services. 5 services does not mean 5 people. Hair and makeup (2 services per person)  

Why should I even hire a hair and makeup artist?

Professional hair and makeup artists are trained to design gorgeous looks that flatter you both in person and on camera. Imagine looking at your wedding photos later down the road and hating the way your makeup was done, or how it looks. It may have looked beautiful in person. But the camera is a different beast.

Trust me I get it, you want to look natural and totally want to avoid the cakeyface or snookie hair… but images do need a little extra glam to help bring out those features. That’s why hair and makeup artist should be your main concern when it comes to booking your vendors for your special day. A lot of the time, brides forget or don’t prioritize hair and makeup for their wedding day, and sometimes it shows, let’s not lie. So don’t make the mistake of either not booking your hair and makeup team/booking last minute.

What about the timeline?

I always suggest getting a rough draft timeline from both your photographer and coordinator. Usually they meet with you, and decide on times that work best for you and your bridal party. I always send out my own timeline 1-2 months out from your wedding date. If there are any changes please allow me to have plenty of time to move times around, plus I have assistants who travel with me, so they would also need to know a game plan. I do suggest, if your venue does not allow us or your girls into the venue to get ready till a later time, to either get a hotel room or a BnB to ensure we have plenty of time to get you and your girls ready. No changes can be made within a 60 day mark to the timeline. 

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